Sunday, July 17, 2011

Menu Plan July 18- 24

Last week's menu went a little off track.  I had to shift some things around two of the nights.  A friend asked us to come to the pool and have a picnic dinner so I used the chicken I had for the chicken and wild rice casserole and fried it for the picnic.  I am flexible.  The Turkey Tostadas were the hit of the week.  Mr. Homegrown said "they are killer".  That is a compliment.  I had enough of the meat mixture left over that the next night I made Campfire Taco Salad.  String Beane and Butter Beane thought I was really cool.  They ate it up and loved eating out of a Frito Bag! The sausage pancakes are a family favorite and even little Jelly Beane got to gum some.  The  Taco Skillet Recipe was not as well received.  I liked it and Mr. Homegrown liked it, but String Beane and Butter Beane did not fully embrace the idea.  Maybe it was too much Mexican for one week.  I did not get around to my beloved Lime Chicken Soft tacos so they are on the list for this week. 
Lime Chicken Soft Tacos (we did not get to these last week)
Fresh corn on the cob

Spaghetti with Meat sauce (okay people, you know it is just Ragu with some browned meat and extra spice love)
Garlic Bread sticks
If you make these bread sticks for yourself, and I think that you should, try to reserve a few to be sprinkled with cinnamon sugar for breakfast. Wow!

Mar-A-Lago Turkey Burgers
Fried squash

Vegetable soup
Grilled cheese sandwich (grilled ham sandwich for String Beane)

Pizza using Beer Batter Pizza Dough

I am going to link this post with Menu Planning Monday.  There are tons of great menus and recipe ideas there. 


  1. Your menu looks great! :) Sounds like you have the fun challenge that I do... cooking for and trying to please the whole fam! Hard when we have those picky eaters!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Beer batter pizza dough...! Yum.