Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so happy to start the weekend.  I love some down time with my family.  We have a few soccer games this weekend and Butter Beane will sing at his Preschool's church Sunday. 

Last weekend was a new experience for me.  String Beane, Mr. Homegrown, and I went on a Cub Scout Camporee for the weekend.  There was no 'glamping' involved.  This was straight up CAMPING.  Surprisingly, I had a wonderful time!  I had always wanted to try camping but I have been a little nervous to actually do it.  This was a great way to start.  String Beane was so busy playing with the other cub scouts and doing all the Star Wars themed activities that he was totally occupied all day and totally exhausted at night.  I really don't think I have ever seen him any happier than he was at the camporee. 

Cub scout camp was totally different than the Brownie scout camp I went to when I was little.  I didn't see any stringing beads or cute arts and crafts projects.  There was a lot of Star Wars light sabre fighting and burning holes in leaves with a magnifying glass.  Boys are a different breed. 

String Beane as Darth Vader
Using the newly constructed Marshmallow Shooter to take out a few Androids.
So happy!
Totally exhausted.
In honor of our new found experience of camping I am going to show you my top five favorite camping finds.  These would be fun in the backyard or in the great out of doors.
This one can easily be made milk free.  The lemon flavored Snack Pack puddings are milk free and so are Crescent Rolls.  Just skip the whipped cream and you are good to go. 
Dutch oven meals
Curly Dogs
I am hopeful that we will go camping again this summer and try out some of these camp foods.
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  2. ohhh!! Camping. So glad you enjoyed your experience. And, these campfire posts - especially the orange rolls look down right amazing.

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