Monday, December 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday December 26

My house is a disaster!  It looks like a Toys R Us exploded in every room.  My little Beanes are so excited and having such a great time playing with their new toys.

My little Jelly Beane is so cute to watch playing with her baby dolls.  She brings them to me, I take them and make fake crying sounds.  She takes them back and hugs them and swings side to side.  It is so cute.

Butter Beane and String Beane have successfully killed every alien in the house and rid the world of harm.

I am planning an easy meal plan this week so I can clean up and begin my New Year's resolution of becoming more organized.  I think this is the 20th straight year of resolving to be more organized.  I hope this is the year that it will stick. 

Shrimp with Lobster Sauce Recipe

Out of Town

Left overs

Easy Baked Chicken and Rice
(Mr. Homegrown will be trying out his new cast iron Dutch Oven and cook this on the camp fire!)

Mandarin Oranges

I hope you have a great week and can get cleaned up from Christmas.   I think I will be vacuuming up Christmas tree needles for a month!

I am linking up with Menu Plan Monday.  Go over and check out the other menus.

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