Friday, May 11, 2012

Onion Rings

My mom is a woman of few talents.

I don't mean that as an insult.  It is just that she doesn't get all caught up in appearances or trying new things. 

So, there are a few things that she can do GREAT!  She is not an experimental cook.  She really only makes a few different meals and she just rotates them around so you don't notice it is the same stuff. 

My whole life, when there was a special occasion, she would make Steaks or Hamburgers and Onion Rings.  The power is in the onion rings.  They are the best onion rings I have ever eaten.  Everyone loves them.  L.O.V.E.

The trouble in trying to share the recipe is that there really isn't a recipe.  I will tell you how I do it.

Yellow Onions
Milk (we use almond)
All Purpose Flour

Grab yourself 2 or 3 onions.  Any kind will do, but try to get a Sweet yellow.  Slice the onion and separate the slices into rings. 

Put all the rings in a bowl and pour some milk over them and let them soak.  For my family, I pour over the onion rings almond milk.  I have used soy, almond and cow milk.  I really can't tell a difference in the out come, so use whatever your family drinks. 

Get a large pot and heat up some oil.  I used Smart Balance oil.  Put enough oil in the pot so it is at least 3 inches deep.  I don't measure the temperature of the oil, but I think you would go for 350 degrees.

Pour the milk off the onion rings.  Pour some flour over the onion rings and give them a shake so that they will be coated with flour.  I used all purpose flour.

Fry the onion rings to the oil in batches, so you don't over crowd your pot.  This always takes a little longer than I think it should.  I think it takes around 10-12 minutes to get the onions to a pretty golden brown, giving them a little flip half way through.  You have to stand right there watching them.  They will go from beautiful to burnt in a skinny minute. 

When they turn the beautiful golden color, take them out of the oil and let them drain on paper towels.  Start frying the next batch.

When you put the onion rings on the paper towels to drain, sprinkle them with some salt.  Here is the part that sounds weird, but you MUST do it.  Sprinkle the onion rings with some sugar.  I know that might sound weird, but it is so important here.  A little sprinkle of sugar takes these onion rings to a whole new level. 

Here is another look at them.  They will always mean family celebration to me.  Make you some and celebrate a little.

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  1. I am a sucker for a good onion ring, and yours look fantastic! Thanks for sharing at Church Supper. Have a blessed week ~EMM

  2. These look fantastic! Maybe sugar is the secret ingredient. I'll have to give it a try.

  3. I am totally craving onion rings now!

  4. Ohhh thIs made me hungry! Love onion rings!!


  5. Yummmm! We LOVE onion rings and these are making me really hungry! We have a deep fryer that we never use and I'm thinking we just might have to drag it out this weekend for a big batch of these. ;~) Thanks for the mid-afternoon drool. LOL ~Mary

  6. We love onion rings and these look so delicious!! We'll be trying this fun recipe! We are so happy that you linked up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday" and we hope you see you back next week!! -The Sisters

  7. These look delicious. How long do you soak the onions?

  8. Looks so wonderful! I am not sure how many years it has been since I ate them last...perhaps they are now in my future.

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  11. We love onion rings! My husband does especially and we have tried several recipes and haven't been too impressed but yours sounds like a winner! We'll definitely try it!

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  12. Those look so good! Have you ever substituted them in Green Bean casserole for the canned ones?

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  14. I know that I will be making these AND SOON! I've been wanting to make some when we grill hamburgers because I just LOVE onion rings on my hamburgers. Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

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