Monday, September 12, 2011

Menu Monday Sept 12

Well, hello to the new week!  I think that kindergarten is going to kill me.  I used to teach kindergarten and I do not remember being this tired.  I do remember thinking that 2:30 marked the end of the day.  Now, that I have three little Beanes, I know that 2:30 is the middle of the day!  Right smack in the middle of nap time.  

I feel like I am running from one place to the next with not much time in between.  By the time I get String Beane off to school, it is time to take Butter beane to preschool.  Jelly beane and I run errands for a few hours and then go back to get Butter Beane.  We come home eat lunch and try to do something productive.  Then it is time to go get String beane from school.  Butter and Jelly sleep in the car.  Then when String Beane gets home from school we are into the homework, dinner, bath/bedtime rat race.  I am slowly getting used to it and getting our routines down.  I will get there.  Enough of my pity party on to the menu!

Last week's meals went some hot and some not!  The Honey Spice Pork Kabobs were a big hit with everyone.  They are a family favorite and a freezer meal - so a mom favorite!  The spaghetti is an old faithful standby.  The turkey tostadas are a family favorite and were liked by everyone.  Especially Jelly beane!  Watching her eat cracks me up.  The BBQ stir-fry was not liked by Butter beane.  He did not want to eat it nor the egg rolls.  Mr. Homegrown loves the egg rolls and I will post  the recipe later.  String beane likes the stir fry but not so much the egg rolls.  I like them both so they are keepers.  The Cavatelli with sausage and broccoli was a great meal for the little beanes.  String beane ate it up.  Jelly beane ate it up and Butter beane gave mixed reviews.  It was a little bland for my taste.  

Here is this week's plan:

Rice and
Corn on the cob

Snake Sandwich (recipe to come)

Ham steak with brown sugar and Pineapple
Potato salad

I will make a "regular pizza" for the little beanes.

County fair!  We will be eating fair food.  Woot! Woot!

I hope you have a great week and your meals are a pleasure.  I am linking up again at Menu Plan Monday
Go check out all of the great menu plans there.

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