Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Snake Sandwich

Several years ago there was an episode of Paula Deen that featured some Halloween recipes.  This snake sandwich was one of the featured recipes.

I can't remember exactly what the sandwich fillings were that Paula used.  This is totally customizable to suit your tastes. 

We use things that do not contain milk (like cheese) in our snake sandwich so my String Beane can eat it.  Before he was born I made one of these for a Halloween Party that contained a couple different types of cheeses.  It was yummy!

I am going to list the directions for how we made the Snake Sandwich for our family.  You take it and run with it however you want to.

This snake is super easy to make.  You just start with one roll of Crescent dough.  I used Pillsbury.  Roll it out slightly, on a floured surface.  Transfer it to a cookie sheet.  Spread some Dijon honey mustard on it.

Now, layer your sandwich fillings down the middle.  I used some honey ham and smoked turkey.  I also sprinkled some Daiya Cheese on it. 

Now it is time to roll it up.  Fold the long sides over the middle.  Then give it a little roll up.

Next, shape the dough into a snake shape and squeeze one end into a tip for the tail.  Shape the other end into the head.  

Now it is time to decorate the snake.  Beat an egg with about a tablespoon of water.  Divide the egg wash into different bowls and add a few drops of food coloring.  My boys wanted to do green, blue and red.  Not  very authentic looking snake colors for the snakes we see here but whatev.

Let them at it with some little paint brushes and get some stripes on that snake!

Once you get your snake all decorated, pop it in a 350 degree preheated oven for 20-23 minutes.  

Let it cool slightly and then transfer it to a serving tray.  This is when you get to finish the snake off.  Add some eyes and a tongue.  It is cutest when you put some green olives with the pimentos on tooth picks and stick on the snake for the eyes.  But I hate olives and I am too cheap frugal to pay for olives just for decoration.  So I used some chocolate chips.  I just sort of pressed them into the snake head.  Then make a small slit for the tongue.  I used some fruit roll up that I just cut into a slit and then made a fork in the tongue.  I have also used a strip of red pepper before.  Your call.

My little Beanes loved making this and eating it.  We pretended to be scared.

Go ahead and make you a snake sandwich and then slice it up for dinner.  

Just a note:  Butter Beane does not normally have a mohawk.  He had just gotten his haircut that afternoon and we were coming straight home.  So he got a spike do. 

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