Sunday, August 7, 2011

Menu Plan August 8

We ate well this past week!  Mr. Homegrown is happy.  I am stuffed.  The little Beanes have grown.  It was a successful week.  We started the week with easy Taco Muffins.  We all liked them.  They are easy and I think they would freeze well.  We also had a family favorite of Rotisserie Chicken in the crockpot.  To go with this I made Paula Deen's Tomato Pie.  If you are looking for a side dish that is impressive looking and delicious, give this one a try.  It is so good.  My mom came over for dinner and she loved it.  She doesn't like much so this is a true compliment.  The Tutti Fruity chicken kabobs are going to move to the family favorites.  They are "killer" according to Mr. Homegrown.  All Beanes loved them.  It is so funny to watch Jelly Beane eat.  She is 10 months and seems to have gotten my love of eating!  The orange chicken was also very good.  I reserved some of the chicken nuggets to give to String Beane and Butter Beane without the orange sauce.  String Beane is pretty clear that he does not like sauce!  This recipe is a definite repeater.  We did not get around to the Chicken gyros so they are moving to this week. 

So here is the line up for this week.

Home fries

Ribs on the grill
Butter Beans
Boiled potatoes

Chicken and Dumplings
(String Beane's request)

Baked Chicken

Vegetable Beef Soup (in freezer)
Pepperoni Bread

I am linking up again at Menu Plan Monday.

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