Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

Woo to the Hoo for Friday!  I have had such a busy week and an even busier weekend coming.  We will be having String Beane's 6th birthday party on Saturday.  There should be plenty of wild boys running around here!
  String Beane had a food challenge for pecans Tuesday and we go back this morning to challenge almonds.

He passed the pecan challenge!  So we will be pecan pie for Thanksgiving this year.  Yea! Here's hoping he will pass the almond challenge today as well.

So in light of the pecan pie being an option for us this Thanksgiving, I am going to feature some of the Thanksgiving yumminess I have seen on Pinterest.

Pumpkin Love
I am drooling looking at this wonderful thing.

Pecan Pie Bars
Pecan Pie Bars
These look so good, and long overdue here.

This might be the dressing that makes it to our table this year.

Pinned Image

There are some precious ideas to make the kid's table fun in this link.

This is the pie that we will have.  She calls it "the pie that will make you cry".  I am so thankful that we have added a new food to String Beane's diet that I might just cry over this pie.  I think she gave it a great name!

What have you got planned for Thanksgiving this year?  I would love to know.  I will be cooking for 16 people this year!  Help me out people.  Give me some ideas.

I am linking up at Finding Joy in my Kitchen.  Go and check her out and see what has made the list!



  1. I'm off to check that pecan pie!

  2. Wow -- great finds; and what a relief to know pecans are now back in the diet! As one with a nut allergy, I can only imagine what it might be like to add nuts back into a diet. Wow. Congrats -- that's huge.

  3. Your two pecan pies look great! I'm off to check them out. :)

  4. How exciting for your string beane that he can eat pecans. I hope the almond one went well, too. I think that you could just give me that dressing and some gravy and skip the turkey and I would be happy. If the kid's table is going to be that cute, I want to sit there. Thanks for sharing.