Sunday, November 13, 2011

Menu Plan Monday November 14

Last week had some good meals and some not so good.  Some were no fault of the recipe.  I tried a new recipe, Popover Pizza Upside Down Bake.  The recipe sounded delish.  The pics looked great.  I tried to make it with no milk and bombs away!  Leaving the cheese out was no biggie, we are used to that.  Popover batter made with soy milk is a no go.  I do think that this would be wonderful if you made it according to the original directions.  Next time I might try this using a crescent roll topping or something.  Potential is there.  I also tried another new one with the Homemade Spaghettio's and Meatballs.  I used too much red pepper flakes for our tastes.  But I think I will try this one again too.  I think, now that I have made it, I can adjust it better for our family.  Everything else was a family favorite so it went well.

This week is a bit different for us.  String Beane will be going back to Duke on Tuesday and Friday this week for some in office food challenges.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  We will be challenging pecans and almonds.  If he passes these challenges we will try peanuts in December.  Please keep us in your prayers on Tuesday and Friday.  Challenges are very stressful for me.  I am planning some easy and make ahead meals for this week.  They are all family favorites so everyone should be happy.  We'll see!

Picture of Oyster Po'Boy Recipe
Potato Chips


We are going to eat at Chic-Fil-A before church!

I am going to use this recipe as a guide to make Chicken Lo Mien.  I will let you know how it turns out.


That is what I have on my menu for this week.  What is on your menu?  I am linking up again over at Menu Plan Monday.  Hop over there and check out what other's are making this week. 


  1. Those garlic breadsticks look fantastic! Your Chinese night looks great too. I love making egg rolls.

  2. Thanks for sharing your menu plan and inspiring me. Have a yummy week!