Sunday, November 6, 2011

Menu Monday November 7

The days after Halloween can be tricky.  There is all this candy lying around.  Butter Beane wants some constantly.  All I hear is "I can have candy now?"  I always say "you can pick a piece after you eat your lunch."  He continues to ask about 100 more times during lunch and then finally he has eaten enough to warrant a piece of candy.  The other issue is, there is a ton of candy around here that String Beane is allergic to.  It also happens to be my favorite kind of candy.  Reese cups, Snickers, Twix etc...  Mr. Homegrown and I have been eating it for days.  Our metabolism has slowed down so this is not a good practice.  I may just accidentally throw most of it away pretty soon. 

Meals last week were pretty good.  Some hits and misses.  Pizza shaped like a jack-o-lantern is always a winner.  The Crock Pot French dip sandwiches and Chicken and Dumplings are family favorites and were yummy.  I made the Frogmore Stew for Mr. Homegrown and he loved it.  String Beane loves shrimp and so did Jelly Beane.  This was a definite winner.  The big miss was the Pasta with white beans, chicken and spinach.  Mr. Homegrown said not to make that anymore.  It was okay for me but not a repeater at all. 

On to this week:  Here is what I have planned.

Sweet and Sour Chicken (recipe to come)
Steamed rice



Salad for me!

Breakfast for Supper
Scrambled eggs

I am linking up with Organized Junkie.  Go check out the other menu plans and recipes.  There is a ton of inspiration there.


  1. I love your blog, it gives me such inspiration. Have a great week!

  2. The upside pizza looks great! New follower from MPM..have a good week :)

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